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A kinder way to cosy....

We do not use wool.

Yes it is warm, soft and durable. However, we do not use wool or any animal products. Our blankets and throws are 100% vegan.


Wool production entails a staggering degree of cruelty and animal suffering. Here in the UK we have some of the highest standards of practice in shearing and animal welfare in the world. However, wool from sheep in the UK is rough and hardwearing and is used mainly for carpets and rugs. Wool suitable for blankets and clothing production are mainly imported from other countries which unfortunately have pathetically weak animal welfare laws protecting sheep. 

If they were left alone and not genetically manipulated, sheep would grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes. The fleece provides them with effective insulation against both cold and heat.

Shearers are usually paid by volume, not by the hour, which encourages fast work without any regard for the welfare of the sheep. This hasty and careless shearing leads to frequent injuries, and workers use a needle and thread to sew the worst wounds shut—without any pain relief. Strips of skin and even teats, tails, and ears are often cut or ripped off during shearing.

Sheep are wonderfully dignified, intelligent and optimistic animals who form close bonds, feel fear and joy and do not deserve such a sad existence for our benefit.

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