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When creating our company it was always a huge part of our mission to give back, do good and show others that it is possible to live in a way that is kinder to our planet and its creatures without compromising our own enjoyment or happiness.


Hugglets Wood Animal Farm Sanctuary.

This animal sanctuary touched our hearts. They are a non profit organisation based in the UK that rescues and cares for animals that would otherwise be victim to the meat industry and other forms of suffering and exploitation. Their aim is to look after, love and treat each animal with ultimate respect so it may live its life to the full and in peace. 

Image by Stijn te Strake
Image by Matthieu Pétiard

How we help.

For every single blanket we sell, Pracchada donates a pound to this incredible charity.

So you can snuggle up knowing that your purchase was not only a great choice for you, a kind choice for choosing a vegan option but also a choice that makes an immediate differences to this wonderful charity and the animals they rescue.

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