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Our Story


Pracchada was founded in 2019 by the Ganeshan family. They set out to create a vegan blanket range made entirely from recycled fibres, designed to be both beautiful and durable, in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

“I love creating a cosy home. Blankets and throws have always been my favourite item for adding an instant style and homely feel to any room. When family and friends grab a blanket from the arm of a chair to drape over their laps I know they feel truly at home. I often take one on car journeys for impromptu picnics and chilly evenings. As we try to escape excessive consumerism you will find nothing more giving than a blanket".


We wanted to create a line of blankets that were not only gorgeous to look at but were also warm, durable and most importantly contained no animal product.  Whether or not you consider yourself a vegan, opting for vegan friendly products is a far kinder way to live. It was important to us that our blankets excluded all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals.


We do not use wool.


Here at Pracchada sustainability is now our main priority, from how we source materials, production, through to distribution. We are committed to evolving our products and process to do our part in ensuring the world we live in continues to be habitable.


“We do our best, we learn and then we do better”. This has always been our company moto.

And our name..


Here we leaned on my husband’s South Asian routes. Pracchada is a Sanskrit word, one of the oldest languages in the World. It means “to cover”, and we are proud of helping people do so in a kinder way.


We hope you love and feel proud of your Pracchada blanket. xx

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